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Connecting to the NNN

As a solution provider, NNNCo will work with you to ensure your LoRaWAN devices are approved and integrated to work seamlessly on the NNNCo network. We also welcome you to become part of our NNNCo Partner Program –   contact



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Integrate your LoRaWAN solution with our N2N-DL data platform

N-tick Device Approval

What is N-tick?

The N-tick Device Approval program is designed to regulate device behaviour to fit with NNNCo’s network parameters in Australia, ensuring a polite, standardised network environment for all devices.

LoRaWAN devices that receive N-tick approval are able to be enrolled onto NNNCo’s Enterprise LoRaWAN network and platform. This enables seamless market access for providers. For end users it enables fast and easy IoT deployments as well as increased structure, robustness and security for their solutions.

Two levels of Approval

1. Network Approved

A starter level intended to check the wireless parameters of a device. Development gateway and access to NNNCo’s developer portal can be provided as required.

2. N-tick Approved

Available on request, a complete approval process to fully warrant the functionality and operation of a device in terms of connectivity and likely performance.

Data Platform Integration

What is N2N-DL?

N2N-DL is a super fast, highly scalable data platform for the aggregation of data and users. It takes any device or sensor with proprietary protocols through any network, normalises and harmonises that data, and then provides an API layer.

As such, it allows customers to select any device to operate over any network and deliver data to any platform over a simple REST API.

Solutions providers are invited to go to the N2N-DL documentation site and follow the Get Started guide.


Why should I approve my device?

N-tick approval ensures interoperability and compliance on the NNNCo network. The scope of the N-tick program confirms that the end device meets the functional requirements of NNNCo network parameters, LoRaWAN parameters and local RCM compliance. It also entitles your product to use the N-tick approved logo and be listed on the NNNCo website.

What kind of devices can be approved?

Any device to be used on the NNNCo Network must be network approved as a minimum.

How long does the approval process take?

The process can take up to 8 weeks. Communication between NNNCo and the solutions provider may involve questions relating to top-level device configuration (eg: reporting times, sensor configuration, device behaviour).

Does approval cost anything?

Our ‘Network approved’ process is free to device manufacturers or providers submitting devices on behalf of device manufacturers. There is a one-off charge for full N-tick approval.

What if my device doesn’t pass the requirements?

If for any reason devices aren’t able to meet requirements for N-tick approval NNNCo encourages providers to re-submit with changes and / or additional documentation.

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