Solution Providers & Resellers

Connecting to NNNCo’s IoT Network

As a solution provider, NNNCo will work with you to ensure your LoRaWAN devices are approved and integrated to work seamlessly on the NNNCo network. Get ready to operate over the NNNCo LoRaWAN network by having your devices ‘N-Tick Network Approved’.

Check this page to find out more:

Approved N-Tick devices are then listed and available in the N-Showcase, NNNCo’s online catalogue:

We also welcome you to become part of the NNNCo Partner Program. Contact our team to find out all the benefits you can gain:

Data Platform Integration

What is N2N-DL?

N2N-DL is a super fast, highly scalable data platform for the aggregation of data and users. It takes any device or sensor with proprietary protocols through any network, normalises and harmonises that data, and then provides an API layer.

As such, it allows customers to select any device to operate over any network and deliver data to any platform over a simple REST API.

IoT Solutions Providers are invited to find out more in the N2N-DL documentation site here:

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