Intelligent water networks
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The Internet of Things creates a fundamental shift in managing water distribution, billing and infrastructure. By enabling frequent remote metering and the ability to control devices centrally, utilities are able to better leverage their capital investment, improve operational efficiency and reduce ongoing costs.

Water is a scarce resource and water leakage and meter reading represent the two biggest operational costs for water utilities. Water assets are often located in dense urban environments, indoors or even underground, which can be difficult or impossible to reach by many wireless technologies. By implementing smart metering infrastructure comprised of LoRaWAN networks and LoRaWAN-enabled sensors, water utilities can collect data remotely and use personnel more efficiently to streamline operations.

LoRA Alliance® - NNNCo Water Whitepaper: LoRaWAN® is Transforming Water Networks Operations to Become More Sustainable

Water is a resource that increasingly needs to be protected and better managed. Around the world, water utilities are facing challenges to improve their efficiency by providing better information about water usage to end-users and to better control assets management and operations.

  • This water whitepaper explains why LoRaWAN® is the ideal connectivity choice for water utilities.
  • Five case studies illustrate LoRaWAN®  water network deployments in Australia, New Zealand, France and the USA, also opening up opportunities for third party applications

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    Water Solutions

    Pressure Sensor Monitoring
    • Monitor changes in flow and pressure through water infrastructure
    • Fast response to prevent service disruptions and safety risks
    • Improve field service scheduling, asset performance and lifetime
    Proximity Monitoring
    • Monitor social distancing and send alerts to keep workers at safe distances
    • Alert when a worker gets too close to an out-of-bounds area
    • Enable work sites to comply with restrictions and continue operations safely
    Digital metering
    • Remote meter reading to improve operational efficiency
    • Monitor consumption and alert providers of leakages
    • Fast leak detection and repair before it reaches the customer
    Asset Monitoring
    • Just-in-time maintenance to reduce asset maintenance costs
    • Secure assets and send notifications when the asset is opened or tampered with
    • Provide access to multiple authorised groups
    Sewer level detection
    • Real-time data on location and fault type within the system
    • Enables timely correction of performance issues and reduced community disruption
    • Improve the safety, reliability and efficiency of sewer infrastructure
    Water flow monitoring
    • Monitor pipe pressure and water flow through water network
    • Early detection of irregular readings that may indicate a leak
    • Generate work orders for repair schedules so that leaks can be taken care of quickly

    Benefits to Water Utilities

    • Accurate and timely information for billing and customer feedback
    • Remote identification of water pressure drops across the water network
    • Cost effective metering and meter reading solutions.
    • Proactive repair of leaks and fixing pipe failures or damage before they affect customers
    • Lower costs associated with pipe repairs and damage to property
    • Reduced pressure on water supplies and helping save water loss
    • Sharing data across the water network for collaborative decision making
    • Future proofing water meters

    Smart Water in Action

    Case Study: Gold Coast Water

    Case Study: Gold Coast Water

    NNNCo is building a commercial-grade LoRaWAN IoT network with the City of Gold Coast to enable large-scale applications throughout the Gold Coast. The network is an extension of NNNCo’s existing network and will cover an area of more than 1,300 square kms. City of Gold Coast has immediate plans to utilise the network for large-volume use cases including digital water metering, with plans have all of the city’s 170,000 water meters running over the network.

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    Case Study: Hunter Water

    Case Study: Hunter Water

    A digital innovation trial by Hunter Water and NNNCo is assisting in detecting leaks and predicting water main bursts before they occur. The 12-month trial is testing a range of sensors to monitor the water pressure and flow in parts of the Hunter Water network in the Lake Macquarie area. It uses NNNCo’s carrier-grade LoRaWAN network and N2N-DL data platform to connect devices and deliver essential data.

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    “NNNCo have been engaged because of their proven ability to build the network and bring commercial solutions that have the potential to significantly add value to Gold Coast residents and businesses. Digitising our water management will deliver important benefits including lowering costs, early problem detection and ultimately reducing pressure on our water supplies. The City manages more than 170,000 water meters and our intent is to have all of them running over the network in the future.

    Ian Hatton, Chief Innovation and Economy Officer, City of Gold Coast

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