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“NNNCo is working closely with major Australian water utilities to trial LoRa technology in digital metering. The program is measuring the positive benefits of reducing water wastage and running the water networks more efficiently. ”

Rob Zagarella
Founder and CEO, NNNCo

Digital metering for water utilities has the potential to positively impact end customers as well as water providers. It allows more frequent and accurate data to be sent through to water providers. It is also able to give indications of undetected leaks in water networks by transmitting water meter data more frequently via a radio signal rather than relying on a manual reading.

The Business Need

The number of water utilities pursuing intelligent water networks has increased rapidly in recent years. With access to more frequent meter reading data, utilities are able to build a better picture of what’s happening in their water network. This means they can identify leaks enabling them to repair any pipe failures before customers are affected, reducing costs and helping to reduce pressure on water supplies. Extending asset life and deferring investment are the key business case drivers identified by utilities.

The Solution

NNNCo’s water solution includes a low power wide area network (LPWAN) using the global open standard LoRaWAN technology and highly cost-effective sensors that can be installed on, or integrated within, water meters. Expected benefits for water providers conducting trials are:

  • Remote identification of water pressure drops across the water network
  • Cost-effective metering and meter reading solutions
  • Proactive repair of leaks and fixing pipe failures or damage before they affect customers
  • Lower costs associated with pipe repairs and damage to property
  • Reduced pressure on water supplies and helping save water loss
  • Sharing data across the water network for collaborative decision making
  • Future proofing water meters

The Tech Story

  • Major Water vendors seeking a low cost, low power solution to service thousands of devices / sensors throughout distinctive environments
  • Long-range LoRaWAN technology sought out as a scalable infrastructure to support metering for water vendors
  • Open standards are used so that 3rd party metering companies are able to apply their solutions  upon the network
  • Low cost base stations are installed on existing water vendor controlled assets
  • Low power devices / sensors are capable of operating on small batteries for 15+ years
  • NNNCo constructed networks across real-world scenarios including City / CBD, suburban sprawls and regional areas
  • Extensive testing carried out to highlight the versatility of a LoRa solution in real-world scenarios

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