Transforming Transport and Logistics

Create smarter, more efficient ways to transport, track and monitor assets down to the parcel or pallet while optimising fleet operations – with NNNCo’s low cost, low power IoT solutions.

IoT is accelerating the digitisation of transport and logistics, enabling enterprises to increase real-time visibility of their end-to-end operations and improve operational performance at a more granular level than ever before.This enhanced business intelligence is gained through low cost low power solutions that connect wireless sensors across a centralised cloud network and share and receive mission-critical data across the entire supply chain.

Transport and Logistics Solutions

Remote Asset Tracking

Tracking devices placed on vehicles, pallets, boxes, forklifts and other in-motion assets enable real-time location and status sharing through the entire supply chain.

Optimised Fleet Operations

Track vehicle fleets and drivers to optimise utilisation and delivery times, meet regulatory requirements, monitor fuel efficiencies, improve driver safety and gain operational efficiencies.

Cold Food Chain

Monitor transport time and environment throughout the food journey to ensure perishable goods are kept in optimal conditions (temperature, humidity, light), with trigger alerts to identify and solve problems.

Warehouse Management

Real-time visibility into warehouse operations to keep track of inventory, receiving, put-away, cycle counting, picking, re-stocking and data entry, to lower costs and streamline operations.

Predictive Maintenance

Maximise the uptime and lifetime of vehicles and other supply chain equipment by monitoring temperature, vibration, wear etc to detect symptoms of asset failure and reduce maintenance and replacement costs.

Route Optimisation

Map the shortest, least congested or most fuel-efficient routes for delivery vehicles, and avoid restricted areas or geographies, to cut unnecessary driver hours, reduce fuel costs and ensure on-time delivery of goods

End-to-end solutions to unlock the power of your data

LoRaWAN: The global standard technology for logistics

Low Cost

Low Cost

Low installation and lifetime costs for devices and gateways

Low Power

Low Power

Battery-powered devices with a long life of several years

Long Range

Long Range

Wide ranging coverage even in dense urban areas

Open Standards

Open Standards

Globally adopted non-proprietary end-to-end technology for easy scalability



Secure central control of multiple devices ensures solutions are scalable



One of the strongest security capabilities of all IoT technologies

How Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWANs) work

  • IoT uses Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWANs) to connect battery-operated sensors to send data over long distances at low cost
  • Sensors generate data, for example on the location, movement and condition of assets, to help quickly identify, solve and prevent issues
  • Short-range technologies such as wi-fi and bluetooth do not meet the range requirements, while cellular’s higher cost and power usage make it unsuitable for large-scale, item-level deployments, such as cartons on a truck.

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