Heavy lifting with IoT Connectivity

The Internet of Things enables asset-heavy industries to benefit from intelligent monitoring of moving and fixed assets, sites
and workers for improved performance, safety and cost efficiency.

IoT enables low-cost, low power connection of any machine, any system, any asset and any site to the internet to know at any time what’s happening, at a more granular level than ever before. This opens up the ability to remotely track the status of assets and their usage, monitor health and safety indicators and better manage resources within and across multiple sites.

Infrastructure Solutions

Equipment Monitoring
  • Monitor health, usage, performance, repair frequency of equipment
  • Sense temperature, vibration, current etc
  • Early warning of machine faults
  • Predict needed maintenance and reduce unplanned downtime
Proximity Monitoring
  • Monitor social distancing and send alerts to keep workers at safe distances
  • Alert when a worker gets too close to an out-of-bounds area
  • Enable work sites to comply with restrictions and continue operations safely
Smart Tracking
  • Monitor location, status, motion of vehicles and assets
  • Operates in ultra-low power modes without sacrificing performance
  • Battery life up to 5 years
  • Flexible multi-technology location system possible
Environmental Monitoring
  • Air Quality Index (AQI)
  • Monitor air quality VOC, dust, noise, C02
  • Improve work conditions and efficiency
  • Meet regulatory compliance requirements on sites
Pump Monitoring
  • Real-time condition monitoring- stress, temperature, vibration and expansion
  • Turn pump on/off locally or remotely based on sensor input and rules
  • Improve efficiency and uptime
Worker Health & Safety
  • Wearable devices emerging
  • Track daily activity of workers
  • Lone worker safety Monitor health indicators – heart rate, body (skin) temperature
  • Alerts based on worker location within a customised boundary
Liquid & Gas Monitoring
  • Tank and storage level monitoring of liquids and gas
  • Fast problem detection such as leaks and pressure drops
  • Just-in-time maintenance and repair
  • Work conditions and safety
Energy Monitoring & Control
  • Energy / event monitoring and switching on/off
  • Improved visibility of energy consumption
  • Asset utilisation and location
  • Remote meter reading
  • Fast problem detection
Inventory Management
  • Automated inventory management from factory floor to construction site
  • Tracking at item level for status, origin and location
  • Monitor occupancy, check-ins, light, energy usage, door open & close, loading and deliveries

100% guaranteed coverage to every asset

NNNCo’s Enterprise loT service uses a multi-layer network approach, only possible with LoRaWAN using macro, micro and pico gateways to guarantee coverage to every asset that a customer needs covered – anywhere in Australia and globally
via NNNCo roaming partners.

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