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The Internet of Things creates a fundamental shift in advanced energy production and distribution technology, supporting utilities to better leverage existing investments in infrastructure and operations.

LoRaWAN networks provide low-cost low-power connectivity that delivers immediate advantages for utilities over other communications methods, and supports millions of wireless IoT devices across multiple geographies and conditions. By providing reliable two-way communication at a low cost, the network transforms passive assets such as meters into active assets and enables Energy companies and Utilities to be more agile, flexible and efficient.

Energy Solutions

Demand Response / Energy Aggregation
  • Connect beyond substations to individual households
  • Selectively reduce load when required
  • Granular network control to manage load variation and management of energy at peak
Proximity Monitoring
  • Monitor social distancing and send alerts to keep workers at safe distances
  • Alert when a worker gets too close to an out-of-bounds area
  • Enable work sites to comply with restrictions and continue operations safely
Meter Reading
  • Near real-time data on energy consumption and transmission
  • Improved monitoring of the health of the grid
  • Improved efficiency and reduced operational costs
  • Fast problem detection
Linesman Safety
  • Monitor status of Parallels LV Single and 3-ph Switches
  • Safety process workflow based on real time field sensing data to reduce risk with manual process
  • Alerts and reports when switches move from open to close or close to open
Line Fault Indication
  • Detect short circuits and singlephase ground faults
  • Real-time monitoring, threshold warnings, fault session detection and fault messaging
  • Reduced reliance on line technicians to identify faults
Distribution Monitoring
  • Monitor distribution sub stations
  • Fault detection and prevention
  • Improved service performance and reduced interruptions
  • Monitor surges
  • Improved operational efficiency
Asset Monitoring
  • Just-in-time maintenance to reduce asset maintenance costs
  • Secure assets and send notifications when the asset is opened or tampered with
  • Provide access to multiple authorised groups
  • Early problem detection such as luminaire failure, over voltage and damage to light poles
  • Remote dimming and switching (on/off) on a fixed and/or adjustable time schedule
  • Reduced energy consumption and cost
Predictive Maintenance
  • Monitor the health, usage, performance and repair frequency of connected equipment
  • Early warning system of machine faults
  • Improved efficiency and reduced operational costs
  • Fast problem detection

Benefits to Utilities

  • Move from periodic to just-in-time maintenance to reduce asset maintenance costs
  • Accurate and timely information to better manage large-scale power usage and distribution
  • Improved load management
  • Automatic and remote fine-tuning
  • Reduced cost of meter reading
  • Accessibility of usage information to consumers
  • Better monitoring and management of infrastructure assets to defer capital expenditure
  • Improved ability to meet the demands of national and state regulatory bodies

Smart Energy in Action

Ergon Energy (now Energy Queensland) has one of the lowest customer densities of any utility resulting in very long distribution lines. This, combined with the extreme heat in Queensland and extensive use of airconditioning in summer, makes load variation and management of energy
at peak a key issue. NNNCo’s IoT solution enables the utility to connect beyond substations to individual household power consumers and selectively reduce load by remotely switching off hot water circuits.

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“We needed a scalable solution that has the capability to go beyond the trial. We chose NNNCo as our partner because they’re able to provide a nationwide carrier service based on LoRaWAN as their core technology and deliver the end-to-end solution

Sanjeewa Athuraliya, Telecommunications Architect, Energy Queensland

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