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NNNCo is building a nationwide Rural IoT Network together with infrastructure partners to bring smarter and more accurate agriculture solutions to farmers. The network brings low-cost connectivity to areas that other technologies cannot easily reach.

Our network infrastructure is being built to cover large rural and regional areas and connect to thousands of sensors affordably, reliably and securely, providing data-driven solutions that simplify farm resource management. Farmers receive granular real-time data on a range of measures such as soil moisture, rainfall, water use and inventory enabling them to improve key areas such as water efficiency and productivity.

Agriculture Solutions

Soil Health
  • Manage soil quality from top soil to below roots
  • Detailed soil quality data including soil moisture, salinity and NPK at three different depths
  • Diagnose problem areas and compare soil between zones
  • Accurately and remotely record rainfall across different parts of the farm
  • Enables efficient irrigation scheduling
  • Regular updates to allow for fast assessment of rain events
Cattle Monitoring
  • Remotely monitor the health, behaviour and location of livestock
  • Be alerted to early signs of illness in animals
  • Track location of livestock to better manage pasture utilisation
Irrigation Management
  • Control irrigation pumps and turn them off and on remotely to optimise water and energy usage
  • Optimised irrigation control based on multiple inputs including water flow, energy usage, soil moisture and environemental factors
Asset Monitoring
  • Secure assets and send notifications when the asset is used or tampered with
  • Provide access to multiple authorised groups
  • Reduce vandalism and damage
Fluid Level Monitoring
  • Tank and storage level monitoring of liquids (water, diesel, oil)
  • Remote identification of pressure drops and leaks
  • Anticipate refill schedules and ensure fluid levels are maintained to meet the needs of the farm

Benefits to Farmers


  • Increased Efficiencies: The ability to align the timing and application of crop inputs with the seasonal performance of paddocks
  • Improved Water Efficiency: Understanding rainfall and soil moisture allows for smarter production decisions
  • Integrating sensors and modelling: More accurate and reliable outcomes by incorporating the farm’s own data into production modelling tools


  • Remote Management: The ability to not only monitor multiple sites but to also send commands from the network back down to a sensor or actuator
  • Deeper farm insights: Objective, automated data collection to build a deeper understanding of farm performance.

Smart Agriculture in Action

Agriculture Victoria On-Farm Trial

NNNCo is working in partnership with Agriculture Victoria to deliver LoRaWAN networks that will allow for thousands of sensors to be reliably and securely connected and provide farmers with real-time data on measures to help improve productivity, efficiency and sustainability. The trial is part of the Victorian Government’s $45 million Connecting Victoria initiative to improve digital technology and infrastructure across regional Victoria. Network connectivity for the trial is expected to cover the local government areas of Wellington for dairy, Buloke for grains, Loddon for sheep, and Greater Shepparton and parts of Moira (Cobram and surrounds) for horticulture.

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Rural IoT Network with Goanna Ag

Rural IoT Network with Goanna Ag

Goanna Ag is a key player in the AgTech market with a focus on bringing new water management solutions to Australian cotton growers. Goanna Ag and NNNCo are rolling out a publicly available LoRaWAN loT network to bring smart irrigation management solutions to Australian cotton growers. The network is an extension of NNNCo’s existing network coverage and covers an area of approximately 3 million hectares. NNNCo is also providing the essential data layer platform (N2N-DL), enabling scalable data decoding, decryption and delivery from any sensor into the Goanna Ag platform.

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“Goanna Ag and NNNCo have a shared ambition to roll out very low cost telecommunications for ubiquitous uptake of sensors in agriculture and to remove the connectivity barriers that exist in regional Australia. We chose to partner with NNNCo because of their mature implementation of LoRaWAN as a commercial-grade network and the knowledge and expertise of the team to plan and execute the programme.”

Alicia Garden, CEO, Goanna Ag

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