WeLight Smart Lighting Solution

POA - Price on Application


A fully integrated end-to-end solution that allows the monitoring and control of the streetlighting infrastructure to fully manage all the services related to lighting from a single platform. It is based on the remote management of luminaires that upgrades the control of public lighting infrastructure, detecting possible deviations of consumption, incidents or failures at the operational level and enabling reports and savings. WeLight Manager, along with Unigate and Actis hardware family range, are part of the WeLight Smart Lighting Solution.

How it works

The WeLight Smart Lighting Solution offers an end-to-end solution for optimal service, made up of IoT devices such as Unigate or Actis, as well as the complete WeLight Manager software platform. With these components, the solution allows for two distribution models: remote management at the top of the electrical panel (control panel and circuits) and point-to-point remote management, both of which are compatible with conventional lamps (halide, sodium vapor, mercury vapor, etc.) and LED. Or, through wireless LPWA communications including LoRaWAN.

Solution Components

N-tick Certified Devices including Unigate, Actis One/Plus, and Actis Plus Nema 7

Enterprise Connectivity with carrier-grade LoRaWAN network and N2N-DL Data Platform

WeLight Manager software platform with analytics, alerts, notifications etc

Key Features

  • Integrated management of all the services related to lighting
  • Inventory management: centralised asset inventory management system
  • Energy management: Detailed information on energy consumption at the control panel level and at luminaire level
  • Preventive/Corrective maintenance (optional): Quick and easy access to work orders. Asset management using the same platform and database. Asset information and status can be updated in real time
  • Reports: generation of reports of incidents and breakdowns of the equipment. Possibility of sharing statistics
  • Invoice charges (optional): Billing reports to calculate expenses and savings
  • Web Access (PC, tablet or phone)
  • Easy and intuitive interface, modular design
Street Lighting

Reduced energy consumption and cost with remote dimming and switching on a fixed and/or adjustable time schedule, and early problem detection

Event Lighting

Lighting and public safety application for large-scale events: anti-panic lighting and guided evacuation

Reduced energy consumption and costs, and reduced operating costs with remote management and fast response to irregularities in consumption or malfunctions

Improved public safety in urban landscapes and events with adaptive lighting, anti-panic lighting and guided evacuation

Reduced energy consumption contributes to a city’s environmental sustainability goals for a cleaner, more sustainable city