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Milesight VS121 People Counter

POA - Price on Application


Milesight VS121 People Counter, based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, is an AI workplace sensor designed to monitor occupancy & utilization in the modern workspace, which can reach up to 95% recognition rate. With the ability to sense from up to more than 78 m², few sensors are needed to cover the same area, decreasing the deployment costs for users. Only counter values are transmitted over the LoRaWAN® network, which can prevent privacy concerns.

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  • Recognition rate is up to 95% based on advanced AI identification and analysis technology and a wide detection range
  • Support up to 12 mapped regions for detection
  • No image data is collected, free from privacy concerns
  • Equipped with Wi-Fi for web GUI configuration
  • Function well with standard LoRaWAN® gateways and network servers


  • Determine the number of people in specific areas
  • Flow detection in shops and malls
  • Occupancy detection in offices
Workplace Utilization

Workplace utilization can play a critical role in helping to optimize the work environment for business. For modern and smart workplace, it will ensure office space is being used at every single moment: how many people are in each room; where there is a free desk; is the meeting room booked for actual use and many other aspects of the space usage.


Intelligent Cleaning Service

Workplace utilization data also provides insights for workplace to optimize required cleaning operations. Cleaners can dynamically respond to cleaning needs based on areas of high usage, building user feedback and scheduled requests. Having intelligence of building occupancy/usage allows more efficient use of resources and a better outcome for employees/customers.

Meeting Room Management

Based on real-time data, people counting allows for effective workplace utilization through usage management by detecting the presence in a meeting room, which is useful for last-minute bookings. It can also detect unused but reserved rooms and release the resource allowing other access if needed. Moreover, it could generate a true understanding of meeting rooms usage through extensive reporting