Tekzitel – Tekzipark Smart Parking Sensor

POA - Price on Application


Tekzipark is a battery-powered smart parking sensor, that enables occupancy status updates of parking spots wirelessly to your cloud environment. This helps you to efficiently manage your parking spaces in real-time. Tekzipark uses radar technology to detect vehicle presence, thereby providing a high degree of certainty of vehicle presence or absence. Available in both surface and flush versions, Tekzipark is more than just a parking space occupancy detector as it also identifies vehicles. IP68 rated, it is built to prevent water ingress and rugged built helps withstand a heavy vehicular load.

  • Dual sensor technology – TEKZIPARK detects parking space occupancy via magnetic field sensing to detect vehicle entry/exit in a parking spot coupled with RADAR sensing for vehicle presence. Enhanced accuracy and redundancy.
  • Long battery lifeType C battery pack with a total of 17Ah capacity to last up to 10 years.
  • Environmental resilience –  Withstand heavy vehicular loads up to 15 tonnes. IP68 rated against dust and water ingress. Operating temperature -20 to +85 °C.
  • Firmware upgrade over the airFirmware upgrades can be completed over-the-air, eliminating time-spent unmounting/remounting the device.
  • Configurable via downlinkAdapt easily with your environmental conditions or requirements, through downlink configuration.
  • Identify vehiclesVehicle identification feature to support billing and localisation functionalities.


Parking at Airports, Railway Stations

Allows airport officials to view real-time occupancy levels and overstays. This means if someone is taking advantage of the free parking, a warden can instantly identify which car is the culprit and direct them to move to the longer-term parking lot.

Motorists can be billed automatically leveraging the sensor’s vehicle detection technology. Motorists can then pay for their parking duration directly via a mobile app.

Unauthorised Parkings

With no occupancy monitoring technology, government agencies have limited means to understand whether bays were being used by authorised users. This includes installing sensors in a select number of their defined use bays – both disabled and special, which relay real-time occupancy information.

Via a dashboard and alerting mechanism, this information allows government agencies to act upon violators and issue infringement notices/penalties.

Councils/Government, Carpark Operators

The vehicle detection sensors register whether each parking bay is occupied or vacant with overstay information.

Additionally, the information can be fed instantaneously to mobile apps which provide drivers with real-time parking availability, guides them to free spaces, and allows them to pay for the parking session straight from their smartphone device and extend their time remotely.

Shopping Malls & Recreation Centers

The natural tendency for people to choose to go to a shopping mall where they are confident of finding a parking space easily. Space availability becomes a driving factor and if this information is made available via mobile apps in real-time, the choice of shopping in a mall becomes easy.

This plays a key enabler for shopping malls to attract customers. It also helps them to understand their parking space usage patterns and bring improvements in determining real estate usage, either expand or resize thereby enhancing revenues.

Tow Truck Companies

The ability to get real-time alerts regarding overstays enables tow trucking companies to efficiently manage to direct tow trucks to the parking spot where the overstay occurred.

This eliminates the need for tow trucks to continuously be on the move to scan and find vehicles that overstay, thereby minimizing fuel consumption and time spent by tow truck drivers.