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Strega Pump Control

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STREGA LoRaWAN Time-Controlled Emitter is a wireless device with embedded LoRaWAN® technology. With its ultra-low-power consumption, the Smart-Emitter can trigger ON or OFF operations of any pump via its embedded AC relay. The emitter will control your pump wirelessly over extreme long distances with exceptional obstacles penetration. Available in AS923, the emitter is supporting Class A (battery operated) and Class C (external power supply).


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Key Features

  • Wireless battery operated LoRaWAN smart emitter for pump operation
  • Automatic START/STOP of the pump by integrating directly the scheduled operations at remote site level
  • Feedback of actual pipe pressure reading a 0-10VDC pressure sensor
  • Extreme range: ultra-long range propagation of the signal with deep obstacles penetration (15km+/10+mi. LOS)
  • Ultra-low consumption with 7+ years battery autonomy 0 Time-controlled ON/OFF schedules
  • Fraud resistant with tamper
  • Provided with free of charge Android and iOS mobile App 0 Available in Class A and Class C (no command latency)
  • Embedded 250 VAC/SA bistable relay
  • Industrial grade: high electromagnetic noise immunity and high temperature operation up to 70°C/160°F
  • Tampering: any misuse is immediately reported
Irrigation Pump Control

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