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Smart Paddock Bluebell Smart Ear Tag

POA - Price on Application


The Smart Paddock Bluebell tag is a LoRaWAN GPS tracking and activity monitoring smart ear tag. The tag attaches securely onto each animal and monitors the temperature, behaviour, and accurate GPS location.

The Bluebell tag is attached using an adjustable collar or ear tag. The data is sent via an NNNCo LoRaWAN gateway. Only one or two gateways are required depending on the number of animals tracked and the size and location of the paddocks.

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  • Easy application tags are attached to each animal using the same tools as standard management tags
  • Long-range communications using industry-standard LoRaWAN radio
  • Email and text alerts for crucial livestock management issues, including stray animals, lack of movement, joining activities or lameness detection
  • Behaviour management system with behaviour, temperature, and activity monitoring
  • Ear tags are secure but also removable for re-use between animals
  • Collars come with an extended battery for more frequent GPS location updates
  • Solar-powered ear tags with no batteries to ever replace
  • Lightest GPS tracking ear tags in the market today
  • Owned, designed, and manufactured in Australia to meet local environmental challenges.
Sheep Farms

Closely monitor the activity and location of all your Rams during joining.

Extensive Cattle Operations

Track your livestock in real-time to quickly locate any stray or lost animals during mustering.

Remotely Monitor your Paddocks

Know which paddocks your animals are in and get mobile alerts for downed animals.