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SAPHI Engineering Integration Services

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SAPHI is a provider of technology-agnostic solutions that is motivated by a sincere desire to assist local governments in navigating the complicated landscape of emerging technologies. They are dedicated to delivering practical and valuable solutions that are customized to the specific requirements of your city. Their proficiency in LoRaWAN technology enables them to provide adaptable, secure, and energy-efficient solutions that empower your city to prosper. They concentrate on the following areas:

  • IoT/Urban data capture & visualization
  • Machine Learning/AI
  • Data Integration
  • Technology Strategy Consulting
  • Ongoing Solution Support

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Key Services

  • Technology Consulting – Benefit from personalized guidance from the SAPHI expert team. Their strategic consulting services ensure your city adopts the most relevant and effective solutions to address its unique challenges and opportunities.
  • Data Integration – Unify your city’s data sources and systems for a comprehensive, holistic view of your operations. SAPHI data integration expertise ensures seamless interoperability, streamlining processes, and enhancing overall performance.
  • IoT/Urban Data Capture and Visualization – Equip your city with the power of real-time data through state-of-the-art IoT and urban data capture technologies. SAPHI visualization solutions transform raw data into actionable insights, enabling informed decision-making for improved urban planning and management.
  • Machine Learning/AI – Leverage the potential of machine learning and artificial intelligence to optimize your city’s operations, enhance resource allocation, and support data-driven decisions.
  • Ongoing Solution Support – Secure your city’s long-term success with our commitment to ongoing support. Their dedicated team provides maintenance, updates, and upgrades to keep your solutions functioning optimally and aligned with your evolving needs.
Urban Technology Best Practice

SAPHI empowers councils with end-to-end technology consulting,
optimizing existing hardware, seamless device deployment, and dashboard integration.

Data Aggregation

Saphi has a long history of helping councils aggregate their data into a single location for streamline management and in doing so, helping
them to avoid expensive vendor lock-in agreements.

Your On-Call IoT Team

SAPHI serves as the go-to contact for council clients with limited internal
resources, expertly handling the assessment, procurement, configuration, customization, and
deployment of new technologies.

Machine Vision for Traffic/Pedestrian Counting

SAPHI delivers cutting-edge AI & machine learning solutions for traffic and people counting, providing councils with accurate, cost-effective data to assess infrastructure usage, apply for grants, and evaluate event success without deploying extensive IoT sensor networks.