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Quamtra Smart Waste Solution

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Quamtra Smart Waste Management software platform by Wellness TechGroup measures and transmits the status or fill level of each garbage bin, allowing for more efficient planning by only collecting full or nearly full bins. It is the ideal solution for cities looking to adapt the collection of solid urban waste to meet residents’ needs. The solution moves cities away from a reactive, static collection model based on historical values towards a more proactive and innovative method. 


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How it works

Quamtra measures and transmits the status or fill level of each garbage bin, allowing for more efficient planning by only collecting full or nearly full bins.

The IoT solution proposed by Quamtra Smart Waste Management is based on smart devices (the Q sensor and MiniQ) installed in the upper interior of garbage containers. These sensors constantly measure the fill level using a measurement module based on ultrasound. In the same way, the sensors collect parameters such as the bins’ interior temperature, inclination, movement, and location.

The information collected by these sensors is sent to a software platform that compiles, displays, and analyses the data. The platform creates multiple reports and alerts that allow for agile analysis and decision making by responsible parties.

Solution Components

N-tick Certified Devices – Q Sensor and Mini Q by Wellness TechGroup

Enterprise Connectivity with carrier-grade LoRaWAN network and N2N-DL Data Platform

Quamtra Smart Waste Management software platform with analytics, alerts, notifications etc

Data Visualization

The Quamtra solution optimises collection routes by constantly monitoring the content level of waste containers in all locations. Via sensors in the containers, real-time alerts for collection are sent based on container content level or for temperature variation (fires) enabling a reduction in damage liability and response time.

Visual location of containers and bins on a map and their individual fill levels

Reports of containers to collect and of average filling of routes (different views available by volume and proximity) 

About the Solution Provider

Wellness TechGroup specialises in large scale, multi-vertical projects that include the design, implementation, and operation of integral solutions, including Safe Cities, Clean & Efficient Cities, Smart Destinations, and Connected Industry. The company’s products are currently implemented in more than 400 cities and 60 countries around the world.


Key Features

  • Filling, temperature and movement, coverage signal and low battery alarms 
  • Map view with map information about filling level and other information of interest 
  • Performance KPIs by containers or routes 
  • Reports of containers to collect, and of average filling of routes (different types of views available both by volume -kg-and by proximity) 
  • Accurate detection and historical storage of container filling data
  • Correction of measures 
  • Administration tools for maintenance and troubleshooting. 
Waste Management

Detect the volume of waste in each container, optimise waste collection routes and eliminate over-filling problems

Reduction of collection and operational costs of between 25% and 40% by optimising routes and fuel

Real time fire alarms reduce response time and damage to containers

Improved quality of service, cleanliness and public health and safety