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POA - Price on Application

  • Peel and stick label-like temperature (hot and cold) sensor. The N-Tag is capable of extreme range and resiliency in the toughest RF environments, including sealed trailers, cargo containers, cold storage facilities, and walk-in freezers. Economical and easy to use by simply tearing, peeling and sticking the N-Tag to virtually any product to track the temperature and its approximate location in real-time by leveraging NNNCo N-Track location estimator.

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  • Temperature monitoring
  • Equipped with a pharmaceutical-grade temperature sensor
  • Data logging (2000 sample rolling buffer memory)
  • Label-like form factor with peel-and-stick application
  • Buttonless activation (Tear action)
  • Battery life configurable to suit use case (from weeks to several years)
  • Designed for cold food storage management/stock inventory or fixed asset monitoring
  • Disposable & recyclable
  • Fully integrated with NNNCo LoRaWAN global networks
  • Dimensions: 95x130x1.5mm | Weight: 6.5g
  • Wireless range of 10 km
  • Low battery consumption
  • Easy installation 

The N-Tag is supplied by NNNCo in partnership with its device partners and is N-Tick approved.


Understand where shipments are located for better inventory management


Track and ensure cold chain monitoring for highly perishable produce

Freezers & Coolers

Respond to door openings to  ensure food stays fresh and temperature is maintained

Food Safety

Ensure potentially hazardous foods are kept under temperature control

IT server rooms

Maintain the optimum temperature of IT server rooms and other heat-sensitive environments