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NNNCo N-Sen Multi Sensor

POA - Price on Application


NNNCo’s N-Sen is a compact industrial-grade multi-purpose edge computing device that has a range of internal sensors as well as interfacing with various sensor types, connecting across any LoRaWAN network.

The battery-operated N-Sen has a rugged waterproof enclosure, ultra-low power specifications, and flexible inputs and outputs making it ideally suited to many industrial and enterprise IoT applications. It can be easily customised to suit customer-specific needs. When integrated with a device and data control platform such as NNNCo’s N2N-DL platform, N-Sen delivers a wide range of applications across a range of industries including energy, agriculture, cities, buildings, and water.

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Key Features

  • Flexible LoRaWAN endpoint sensor connectivity
  • Internal pulse, temperature and humidity sensors
  • USB file store subsystem
  • IP68 rugged industrial packaging
  • Internal/External antenna switching
  • Optional GPS tracking
  • Analog & digital interface
  • N-Tick certified device – ready for easy and secure deployment

Line fault indication, distribution and asset monitoring, demand response, electricity meter connection


Soil moisture, rainfall detection, irrigation control and management

Water & Industry

Flow, pressure level, vacuum, overflow, valve position, sewer level detection, asset monitoring

Buildings & Cities

Fire safety, lighting, security, heating and cooling, air quality, parking, waste management and more