N-sure Private Proximity Monitoring

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The N-sure Private Proximity Monitoring Solution ensures your people can work safely while preserving a safe distance from other workers or restricted areas. As the Covid-19 crisis has proven, your most vulnerable assets are also your most important assets. While threats such as Covid-19 exist, it’s important that workforces are reminded of the distance they should keep, ensuring a healthy environment and supporting business continuity.

How it works

The LoRaWAN tracking device detects other devices in the vicinity using BLE beaconing and scanning and evaluates peer-to-peer proximity as well proximity to monitored shared-use assets. Devices send an alert when pre-configured risk levels are exceeded. Devices can also be located using GPS, Low-power GPS, WiFi Sniffing or BLE.

Data from those encounters is transmitted via NNNCo’s LoRaWAN wireless network and delivered through our N2N-DL data platform to any platform or IoT application via REST APIs. Personal privacy is maintained because the solution alerts people carrying a device when they get too close without identifying the individual or storing location data.


Solution Components

N-tick Certified Device such as the Abeeway Smart Badge Tracker or Lansitec Badge

Enterprise Connectivity with carrier-grade LoRaWAN network and N2N-DL Data Platform

Management software (N2N-Vis) with analytics, alerts, notifications etc

Data Visualization

Management software (N2N-Vis) with analytics, alerts, notifications, and anything else you might need has been purpose-built to provide users with an overview at a glance, while also enabling a deep dive into the contacts individuals have had. This purpose-built application has been integrated into NNNCo’s N2N-DL data platform to enable seamless data aggregation and ensure network readiness.

Create group rules to enable alerts and notifications when breaches occur

Track the status of all devices in real-time to ensure devices are online and responsive for compliance.

Monitor encounters between all badges in the application (or monitored area) to ensure proximity regulations are followed.

Track individual device activity with a comprehensive view of the use of facilities in the workplace. Identify proximity breach hotspots to facilitate changes for compliance and worker safety.

Highlight the most recent close encounters by individual trackers.

View device information, usage and battery power status at individual device level.

Monitor by device groupings. Alarms can be set to different thresholds to help curb behaviour in deployment zones.

About the Solution Provider

NNNCo is a leading Australian IoT Enterprise provider and LoRaWAN network operator, providing the network layer and technology-agnostic data platform that makes IoT accessible across any industry to enable enterprise-grade solutions for business and government. NNNCo has developed a number of end-to-end solutions such as tracking and proximity monitoring to enable fast and easy deployment on our network.

Key Features

  • LoRaWAN trackers and emerging wearables can be worn around the neck or in the pocket. They can be combined with a wristband for vibration alerts and other functions such as heart rate, skin temperature and ‘man down’ capability
  • The Proximity Monitoring Solution is device agnostic and more devices are becoming available on the market
  • Flexible network solution models enable enterprise-grade low power LoRaWAN connectivity to Australia’s National Narrowband Network (NNN) when and where you need to
  • N2N-DL data platform enables ease of data use across multiple platforms.
  • N2N-Vis management software with analytics, alerts and notifications
  • This purpose-built application has been integrated into NNNCo’s N2N-DL data platform to enable seamless data aggregation and ensure network readiness.
Worker Health

Monitor social distancing and send alerts to keep workers at safe distances from one another

Worker Safety

Alert individuals and site managers when a worker gets too close to an out-of-bounds area

Health and Aged Care

Personal proximity monitoring for the safety of vulnerable people including hospital patients, elderly, healthcare professionals

Worker Health

Monitor social distancing and send alerts to keep workers at safe distances from one another

Worker safety

Alert individuals and site managers when a worker gets too close to an out-of-bounds area

Business Continuity

Enable industries and work sites to comply with restrictions and continue operations safely