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Milesight AM107 LoRaWAN Ambience Monitoring Sensor

POA - Price on Application


Milesight AM100 Series consists of multiple smart sensors that are built specifically for indoor ambience measurements. It has a clean and modern design that makes it discrete in indoor ambience.

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  • Clean and Modern Design: Bring “less is more” concept to indoor or HVAC environment.
  • Multiple Sensor in One: Temperature, humidity, motion (PIR), CO2, TVOC, barometric pressure.
  • Configure with One Touche: NFC technology enables easy configuration and on/off operation.
  • Better Readability than LCD Monitor: E-ink technology offers high display clarity and sunlight visibility.
  • Low Power Consumption: AA batteries can last for 1 year and ensure low maintenance cost.
  • Smart Screen Mode: Screen will stop updating data if no motion is detected continuously for 20 minutes.


Building Environment

Optimise indoor building environment for air quality, HVAC and lighting, and more to ensure employees comfort and security.


Room Occupancy

Monitor occupancy of meeting rooms, office, warehouse facilities or public office areas to better manage indoor environment and usage. Milesight AM107 LoRaWAN Ambience Monitoring Sensor detects people’s presence and monitors the activity within a particular area.