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M31 PowerPilot – Energy Monitoring for three-phase LV Transformers

POA - Price on Application


Three-phase circuit monitoring for transformers, overhead LV lines and interruptible loads such as customer equipment, to obtain parametric data over the whole LV network in near-real-time. Get routine periodic average and instantaneous value reporting with on-demand instantaneous reports. Programmable parameter thresholds trigger immediate event reports to provide real-time alerts. PowerPilot devices installed on each phase of an LV transformer provide a wealth of important data, including V, I, P, Q, PF and harmonics.





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  • PowerPilot provides innovative and unique solutions for critical safety monitoring: HV Conductor Down – detect and report a downed HV conductor event immediately, so circuit isolation can be initiated. Loop Impedance monitoring without additional hardware. Last Gasp raises loss-of-power alerts using stored energy.
  • LoRaWAN provides cost-effective two-way communication. WiFi capability provides another connectivity option for higher-speed data transmission and firmware updates.
Energy Distribution

PowerPilot provides an end-to-end ecosystem using innovative and smart technology solutions that directly supports the energy transformation roadmap for electricity distribution businesses while supporting core strategies to improve network safety, reliability and performance.


Whenever power is lost, PowerPilot uses a small amount of stored energy to report the outage. This immediate alert to the control room means a maintenance crew can be dispatched to restore connectivity, potentially even before the consumer notices.