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LX Davis Rain Gauge

POA - Price on Application


Automatic tipping bucket rain gauge with 0.2mm resolution. Designed to meet the guidelines of the World Meteorological Organization, this self-emptying, tipping-bucket design is exceptionally accurate (to 0.2mm) and automates the sampling and recording of rainfall data, allowing you to gain insights over time.

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  • The sensor pack comes with an LX Blue Node.
  • Data visualisation provided by LX Dashboard.
  • Sensor Type – Tipping bucket with magnetic reed switch
  • Housing material UV-stabilized ABS plastic
  • Accuracy 0.2mm resolution
  • Package includes Collector bucket, bird spikes, filter insert and pole mount
Smart City

The installation of LX Davis Rain Gauge sensors for monitoring rainfall allows you to forward all the data to LX Dashboard and make them accessible to local authorities, entrepreneurs, and researchers in order to carry out analysis and make choices leading to a better life.

Smart Agriculture

LX Davis Rain Gauge allows you to collect the sampling and record the data to gain insights over time. This contributes to more sustainable agriculture that improves product quality and reduces management costs.