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LiXiA Delta PUK High-Resolution Distance Sensor

POA - Price on Application


 The LiXiA DeltaPUK distance sensor is designed to assess a range of environmental conditions, from river height to overland flow to conductor-to-ground clearance and tide heights. Two-way communications allow for remote control of the device, with the transmission interval adjustable to suit emerging needs. Leveraging LoRaWAN, the DeltaPUK can be deployed even in the remotest of areas. Paired with the LiXiA weather stations, the DeltaPUK can establish catchment-wide, high-resolution flood intelligence networks.

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  • Conductor height
  • Conductor surface temperature
  • Conductor inclinometer
  • Up to 10-year battery life
Conductor Monitoring

Delta PUK sensors along transmission lines enable continuous monitoring of conductor heights above ground or structures. These sensors collect data on conductor positions, detecting deviations from standard heights due to weather conditions, vegetation growth, or equipment issues.

Real-Time Flood & Disaster Situational Awareness

LiXiA sensors report real-time, measurements of water levels and rainfall, allowing flood mapping progression and minute detail. Receive automated reports and visualise data with essential, timely information to plan, act and respond.

Life Saving Information

Earlier warning and evacuation time to protect communities and lives. Get instant visibility into the precise conditions and situation – before things change.