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Lantronix S47 LoRa Node

POA - Price on Application


Ruggedised, low-power radio nodes. S40 Series covers most of the needs for metering or environmental monitoring applications:

  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Smart Water Metering
  • Irrigation

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  • A probe for every need – Pulse counting, light pulse counting, temperature, relative humidity, and more to come…
  • LoRaWAN compatible
  • Rugged – P68-rated, tropicalised, non-potted design lets the user properly dispose of, or replace the battery.
  • Ultra-long battery life – Single C battery-operated for field operation up to 10 years
Water Metering - Outdoors & Indoors

Single or dual pulse inputs for water metering applications in buildings. Water meter reading intervals can be programmed between 15 minutes to daily upload of accumulated pulse readings. Submetering of both hot and cold-water usage. When using the S47 for event logging the interval is not used, the input/s wake up the unit and send change of state as it happens.

Water Level & Tank Level Monitoring

Voltage 0-5V, 0-10V, or 4-20 mA current loop input for water or tank level monitoring applications. Analog level reading intervals can be programmed between 15 minutes to the daily upload of accumulated pulse readings. IP67 enclosure is suitable for outdoor applications.

Temperature & Humidity Monitoring

External temperature and humidity probe with 1m cable fitted to the data logger. The external probe controlled by the data logger and turned off between readings to conserve battery life.