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ICT International Soil Moisture Monitoring System

POA - Price on Application


An accurate, long term soil moisture monitoring system for urban, geotechnical, agricultural and research applications. Based upon ICT International’s MP406 probe, which has been used by industry for 20+ years.

The SNiP-MP4-ML package can be expanded to support 4 x MP406 soil moisture probes, as well as other parameters such as rainfall, temperature and relative humidity, through- drainage and soil oxygen.

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  • Highly accurate and precise measurement of Volumetric Soil Water Content (%), based upon the Standing Wave (ADR) Measurement Principle
  • Robust, stainless steel needles and epoxy body (ideal for long term installations).
  • Proven track record since 1996 with many research papers and commercial applications.
  • Especially suitable for mineral stock piles, mine tailings and sand for batch mixing of concrete.
  • Modular – the system can be expanded to support include rainfall and additional soil and atmospheric measurements
Irrigation Scheduling

Smart irrigation systems which are responsive to plant water requirements can optimise water usage, improve plant growth, and reduce nutrient leaching into adjacent water bodies.


MP406 uses the standing wave principle of measurement, it is a high accuracy, precision sensor with +/- 1%VWC accuracy following soil-specific calibration making it ideal for use in research applications.


The MP406 has a reinforced body and stainless steel needles making it ideal for use in extreme environments such as mine sites, landfills, sub pavements and building sites.