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Genus Smart Gas Meter

POA - Price on Application


Genus Smart Gas Meter (SKG16) offers high level of functionality, low power consumption, reliability and high flexibility with customized solutions. All the features of a smart postpaid and meter that are required to fulfil customer requirements are available in SKG16


Meter Interface Unit (g-Setu) – MIU i.e, the smart AMR-RF “g-Setu” is a gas meter retrofitting device that uses LoRaWAN communication technology to collect the meter reading and communicates the gas consumption data to a software platform (HES). Further consumer mobile app can be provided for the consumer to view consumption data on mobile.

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  • Accurate and synchronized operation of MIU device with gas meter
  • Optical interface for local maintenance
  • IP65 ingress protection rating (IEC 60529)
  • Digital LCD display with the function-specific symbols
  • Storage of Historic gas consumption data, feature to detect gas consumption above or below threshold values
  • ATEX, PESO, WPC and IEC 60079 Certification
Building Monitoring

Monitor gas consumption in buildings to optimise efficiencies and cost.

Gas Metering

Remotely measure gas flow rate through pipes and visualise gas consumption.