Turbo Parking Sensor

POA - Price on Application


Turbo Parking Sensor – Dual-mode vehicle detector is a sensor using LoRaWan long-distance wireless standard, it is integrated with geomagnetic detection and microwave technology. Using an effective dual-mode joint algorithm, the detector delivers precise parking spot detecting functions and can be widely used in intelligent traffic, smart community, smart parking, and other applications. Turbo Parking Sensor is compatible with LoRaWAN protocol.

  • The accuracy of dual-mode detection is 99%. It supported 3 different Operation modes to adapt to different environment requirements: Joint mode with Radar and geomagnetic, radar only, and geomagnetic only.
  • Security management, Sensor required security password to turn off the devices via BLE and Android APP
  • Long battery life 20AH, supported 5-7 years(based on 5-10 vehicles per day)
  • 10 Buffer logs supported when there is a network issue to avoid any missing data.
  • In-built Temp and Humidity sensor to monitor the environment.
  • 10 tonnes force resistance
  • IP67 rated
  • High-temperature operation range -40C to 85C
  • Low voltage alarm and geomagnetic disturbance alarm
  • Flexible mounting method, either bolt mount on-road or epoxy mount the based.


Street parking spot management

Turbo Dual-mode parking sensors provide highly accurate information to the city traffic management to monitor the Parking spot usage and also be used as assistance to infringement officers.

Restricted zone monitoring

Turbo Dual-mode parking sensors could be placed in the restricted area like emergency exist, so as to prevent and alert when there is any vehicle park in there