Digital Matter Yabby

POA - Price on Application


The Yabby by Digital Matter is a compact, rugged GPS tracking device that has been designed for tracking assets where a small device is required, such as on animals, livestock, packages, bags, bicycles and other assets. The IP67 rated housing is rugged and UV stable, so the Yabby can be mounted on assets that are exposed to rain, dust and outdoor conditions.

Key Features

  • Weatherproof and ultra-rugged Nylon Glass IP67 Housing with compact and ergonomic design
  • Powered by 3 x AAA Batteries with up to 3 years battery life
  • High performance GPS and accelerometer
  • Small, compact and easy to install and conceal
  • Configuration via USB cable and over-the-air via downlink messages
  • Accelerometer for Smart Movement Based Tracking
  • Optional Collar Housing available for securing device to animals
  • After hours movement/activity alerts
Animal Tracking

Track the movement and location of animals and livestock to ensure safety and reduce loss

Bicycle Tracking

Reduce loss and easily transfer trackers from one bike to another

Pallet Tracking

Track the status and travel path of moving assets such as pallets


Track the status and path of moving assets including packages, parcels and bags