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Digital Matter G62

POA - Price on Application


Ultra-rugged, feature-rich LoRaWAN® GPS vehicle and heavy equipment tracking device with inputs/outputs for fleet management and equipment monitoring. The G62 is designed to locate and protect valuable assets with location and movement history, utilization monitoring, preventative maintenance, and theft recovery.

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  • 928MHz LoRaWAN® regions supported
  • High-precision GPS/GLONASS tracking device
  • Weatherproof and ultra-rugged IP67 Housing
  • Internal Backup Battery in case of loss of power or tampering
  • 1 x Analog Inputs, 2 x Digital Inputs, 1 x Switched Ground Digital Output, 1 x
  • Ignition Digital Input
  • On-Device Odometer Readings
  • 3-Axis Accelerometer for Smart Movement Based Tracking



  • Mining and Construction Fleet Management
  • Vehicle and Heavy Equipment Management
  • Asset Utilisation and Run Hour Monitoring
  • Movement Alerts and Theft Recovery
Vehicle Tracking

Track, monitor and recover vehicles 24/7 with movement alerts, recovery mode, speed monitoring, and more.

Equipment Tracking

Track, analyze, and protect equipment of all shapes, sizes, and values with location and movement history, equipment utilization reports, preventative maintenance monitoring, misuse or abuse alerts, and more.

Run Hour Monitoring

Electronically calculate run hours and distance traveled (odometer) to understand and optimize asset utilization.