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AonChip WaterSens

POA - Price on Application


WaterSens is a Compact Smart Water Control, able to manage up to 4 external latch valves remotely over LoRaWAN which allows the connection of devices with distances higher than 10Kms in line of sight to automate actions and reduce displacements.

Compact dimensions ready to be deployed with different options: pole, directly in the water valve box.


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  • 2 analogs inputs for externals sensors (Soil moisture, Tª).
  • 1 digital input available for pulse metering.
  • Easy commissioning and maintenance through NFC communication.
  • Totally open to be integrated with any platform.
  • Ready to be deployed in the field with no need for maintenance in 10 years.
  • Saving Cost reducing external wiring supply.


Smart Cities: Parks & Gardens

WATERSENS is a cloud-based IoT solution that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, allowing management of multiple locations, optimizing efficiency, minimizing maintenance costs, and providing the tools to achieve savings in water and energy consumption.

Smart Agriculture

WATERSENS Smart Irrigation solutions for agriculture are designed to support farmers achieving the highest levels of efficiency in water usage. By means of IoT technology, Aonchip offer is ready for single or multi-crop production types, supporting the various irrigation systems, from large areas with irrigation Pivots up to Sprinklers and Drip irrigation.