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Actis One Street Light Controller

POA - Price on Application


Actis One is a smart and autonomous device for the remote management of light points equipped with 1-10 V or DALI protocol drivers. It is supplied with LoRaWAN communications and designed for every type of streetlight, including applications such as residential, urban and road. Part of the Wellness Techgroup WeLight Smart Lighting system.

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Key Features

  • Relay output and Real time clock for controlling luminaire’s ON/OFF and activating the preset regulation profiles
  • ON/OFF control by Astronomical clock or remote
  • Available with most used dimming control: DALI protocol and/or 1-10V signals. Soon available with DALI-2 protocol, which enables data acquisition and point to point control up to 8 luminaires or sensors
  • PCB-mounted temperature sensor
  • Plug-and play installation compatible with most luminaires in market
  • Energy meter included to measure main electrical parameters: voltage, current, energy, power factor, active and reactive power
  • Configurable deviation alarms based on reference measurement thresholds
  • Safety mode implemented: luminaires will be always switch on in case of fault. Integrated temperature sensor to detect and prevent defects or failures
  • Light point accurate location through board integrated GPS (by request)
  • Point to point remote management of luminaires, detecting irregularities in consumption or operational malfunctions, as well as compiling consumption and savings reports.
  • Adaptive lighting based on real-time human presence or traffic density
  • Variable lighting intensity and colour temperature providing better visibility and awareness for evacuation
  • Fire Detection by monitoring the combustion gases and pre-emptive fire conditions to define alert zones
Street Lighting

Reduced energy consumption and cost with remote dimming and switching on a fixed and/or adjustable time schedule, and early problem detection