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Abeeway Compact Tracker

POA - Price on Application


The Abeeway Compact Tracker is a sold lightweight device built for heavy-duty tracking. Its compact and robust form factor is designed to resist harsh surroundings and enable  seamless asset tracking, proximity detection and management in any industrial environment – whether it’s for heavy-duty assets or small equipment, taking advantage of its long battery autonomy.

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Key Features

  • Monitor every movement of your assets and valuables in real-time and receive position alerts at the start, duration, and end of the motion, as well as when the device is entering or leaving defined zones via geofencing
  • With permanent tracking, you can also get live locations at regular intervals or when needed with fix on-demand. You can also check activity rates provided by the embedded motion sensor
  • With replaceable 3xAA 2.7Ah batteries, ithigh battery longevity enables function for up to 7 years using 1 WiFi scan per hour
  • IP68 casing, dust-proof and waterproof – suitable for heavy-duty asset tracking in industrial indoor and outdoor environments
  • Embedded sensors for temperature, motion and pressure
  • GPS geolocation, Wi-Fi & BLE scan functions
Transport / Logistics

Track vehicles, containers, bins, crates etc through the supply chain between suppliers, customers and manufacturers

Construction / Mines

Locate equipment and monitor engine hours, set alarms and geofence boundary exits to monitor asset movement off site

Airports / Ports

Enable localisation of ground support equipment (GSE) and motorised and non-motorised assets in airports, ports and harbours


Improve asset management and increase inventory turnover by accurately tracking assets, equipment and machine parts


Keep track of livestock location, monitor and protect farm assets and act fast in the event of an abnormality