“SAP Hana makes extensive cloud-based information about assets accessible and easy to analyse. NNNCo’s network provides the connectivity and IoT platform to make that data available when organisations need it. Together we enable businesses to maximise the value of their assets while reducing the risk of loss.”

Margaret Wright, Head of Strategy, Risk and People, NNNCo

Preventative maintenance enables organisations to engage in systematic inspection, detection, correction, and prevention of asset failures, before they become actual or major failures. Through smart maintenance and monitoring of assets, owners are better able to extend asset life, defer investment and reduce maintenance costs.


The Business Need

Organisations with large numbers of critical and often valuable assets in the field need a timely method of understanding what is happening to those assets. Owners need ways to identify whether their assets:

  • have been depleted, lost, stolen or moved
  • are working reliably, especially when they hold valuable inventory that could be lost or spoilt
  • are failing, with the potential for catastrophic failure that could lead to significant asset damage or injury to people
  • are being over-maintained or replaced too early, resulting in excessive maintenance and replacement costs

The Solution

NNNCo’s IoT solution, integrated with intelligent asset management and cloud-based analytics systems such as SAP Hana, enables asset owners to securely collect information on the state of their assets. They can then present this information in the right context to support decisions that will improve the financial performance of the organisation. Expected benefits of this technology include:

  • Quickly and remotely identifying whether assets have moved
  • Measuring the performance of assets. Examples include temperature and humidity within refrigeration units and the plant utilisation factor of utility assets
  • Control of assets, for example turning machinery on and off remotely
  • Early identification of failure or potential failure, for example movement of railway embankments and tracks
  • Transitioning from periodic maintenance to just-in-time maintenance by comparing performance against maintenance schedules to determine optimum maintenance cycles, for example, brake wear in machinery

The Tech Story

  • The ability to access, store, visualise, and manage data across multiple devices and applications
  • Long-range LoRa® technology essential to support access to assets across large areas
  • LoRaWAN network server controls data access and provides security and operational support
  • Open standards enable the network to connect to others over time, building an ecosystem rather than a silo solution
  • Bi-directional communication ensures a managed network with feedback capability from devices / sensors and associated assets
  • Individual addressability to each device / sensor enables organisations to remotely configure each one with unique characteristics
  • Battery life of 15+ years for sensors means the solution can be set and forget
  • Relatively low cost to purchase off-the-shelf standards-based devices that are pre-certified to operate over the network, making this a simple and cost-effective investment


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