NSW Farms of The Future

The Farms of the Future program will deliver on-farm connectivity solutions to five target regions comprising 11 local government areas (LGAs) in rural and regional NSW. It is aimed to encourage producers to adopt Agtech to assist them to boost productivity, increase their market competitiveness, support job creation and improve sustainable use of resources in the agricultural sector. NNNCo is delivering the AGtility Universal Coverage Gateway Program through the best AgTech Solution Providers in the industry.



The program will run in stages and be rolled out across 11 local government areas including Carrathool, Griffith and Leeton, Armidale, Moree Plains and Narrabri, Orange and Cabonne, Ballina, Byron and Lismore.

To find out more about the program, check the Agriculture New South Wales webpage:

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About the Trial

NNNCo provides LoRaWAN connectivity which can be used with a range of different on-farm sensors and devices like those in the AgTech Ecosystem range from INCYT/ LX Group, one of the approved Program partners for NSW Farms of the Future. Watch this short video to learn how the NSW Farms of The Future is working.

Our AGtility Partners


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How to get involved


All eligible NSW farmers signing up for The NSW Farms of The Future Program will have access to the funding towards the deployment of network connectivity and device solutions through the Agtility Solution Provider Program which provides remote monitoring for their farms.

This technology can help farmers to make better decisions, reduce risk and gain more control, as well as drive consistent maximised productivity.

IoT Solutions Providers

The NSW Government is working to connect suppliers of agricultural technology, with farmers looking to adopt new digital solutions for their business.

Eligible farmers in the target local government areas (LGAs), upon completion of the Agtech Training Program, will have the opportunity to select monitoring devices, connectivity solutions and dashboards from the Agtech Catalogue of Program Partners.

Click HERE to see the successful Program Partners for the Farms of the Future Agtech Catalogue.


NNNCo Coverage Maps


All eligible NSW farmers signing up for The Farms of The Future Program will have access to

the existing coverage which will be extended to include all new signups. The below maps deploy

the initial coverage.

Griffith & Leeton

Griffith & Leeton

Moree Plains & Narrabri

Moree Plains & Narrabri

* Coverage maps shown are indicative only, and coverage may vary subject to location and use case.

How does IoT LoRaWAN compare with other technologies?

Range: Your devices can be installed up to 15 km away from the nearest gateway (within line of sight from your device)

Power: Your device powered by LoRaWAN technology will consume 3-5 times less energy than cellular/SIM based-devices.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): When you purchase an IoT device from a Solutions Provider, a significant proportion of the cost of the device comes from the battery. This means that your LoRaWAN-powered devices will have overall reduced costs over time, due to long battery life. The cost savings become even more significant as you roll out a larger number of devices.

Security: Your device and data are highly secure due to the end-to-end cyber architecture and process built in with the NNNCo service.

To find out more contact us at info@nnnco.com.au