“As for technology and business, a major barrier to IoT take-up is connectivity. Without low cost networks, the business case for connecting millions of sensors to access information just doesn’t stack up. It’s even harder when you also have to consider covering vast distances and penetrating dense areas, while minimising power usage and maximising battery life. The NNNCo Network and technology overcome these barriers”

Eric Hamilton, CTO, NNNCo

Why NNNCo, why LoRaWAN?

A broad based network is key for IoT to operate securely, reliably and cost effectively across multiple geographies and conditions. NNNCo has taken the lead in Australia and implemented LoRaWAN global standard technology together with world-leading solutions and local innovations to make a national, open, cost-effective network a reality for a wide range of IoT applications.

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Long range

Essential to support very large distribution areas such as utilities networks


Low power

Battery-powered devices with a battery life of several years


Low cost

Low installation and lifetime cost for devices / sensors containing the compact module from Murata



Open standards enable the network to connect to others over time and build an ecosystem rather than a silo solution



Very strong privacy and security enables companies to meet the most stringent government, regulatory and customer-based guaranteed service levels



Proven performance in the harshest environments withstanding radio interference from multiple sources


Two way

– Verifies device operation
– Transmits control signals to remote devices
– Device configuration management
– Remote update firmware

Not just a receiver, two way capability gives control, confidence and the capacity to upgrade

LoRaWAN Resources

NNNCo deploys world’s first group multi-cast
LoRaWAN™ network.

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