NNNCo’s N2N-DL IoT Platform awarded Best Digital Platform by ACOMMs 2022

Published: September 5th, 2022

NNNCo was awarded the ‘‘Best Digital Platform of the Year” award for its N2N-DL IoT Platform at the 2022 Communications Alliance Awards Dinner in Sydney on 25th August 2022:

‘NNNCo’s N2N-DL leading-edge data aggregation and device management platform for IoT applications can aggregate data from any network, device, application and host, and simultaneously manage up to millions of IoT devices’.

The keynote address to the 16th Annual ACOMM Awards Dinner was delivered by Hon Michelle Rowland, the newly appointed Federal Minister for Communications.

Communications Alliance CEO John Stanton said: “The ACOMM Awards represent the pinnacle of achievement for the Australian communications industry, and I congratulate all the winners and finalists in the 2022 ACOMMS. Excellence in innovation is a pervasive trait in the achievements of the 2022 ACOMM winners.”

The Best Digital Platform award recognises a company that demonstrates excellence in the operation and management of any form of digital platform in the Australian market.

NNNCo’s CEO and Co-Founder Rob Zagarella said: “I am proud and honoured to receive the Best Digital Platform award for NNNCo’s N2N-DL IoT platform, which is helping all our customers in Australia and overseas to accelerate the adoption of IoT and drive efficiencies and sustainability through active decision-making. I congratulate NNNCo’s CTO/COO Tony Tilbrook and his world-class team for their relentless focus on excellence and customer experience. I thank the Communications Alliance and the 2022 winners and finalists for celebrating innovation within the telecommunications industry”.

He added: “Building a truly smart IoT network requires choice, flexibility, and openness. With N2N-DL, customers are empowered to implement the IoT applications that will deliver value today and into the future. From the start, we designed N2N-DL as a technology-agnostic IoT platform that seamlessly integrates data from any network, device, application and host via a single API and simultaneously manage up to millions of IoT devices. The digital platform is constantly evolving and now offers advanced inventory management and geolocation-based tracking capabilities. In 2022, NNNCo is launching a revolutionary N-Tag solution and an IoT Neutral Host value proposition that will make N2N-DL a game-changer for digital platforms.”.

More information on N2N-DL: https://www.nnnco.com.au/enterprise-data-platform/

ACOMMS 2022 Winners Press Release here: LINK

ACOMMs 2022 Video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jebj3-pujJw



About the ACOMMS awards:

The annual Australian Communications Industry Awards – the ACOMMs – recognise excellence in the wider communications industry, rewarding and profiling companies that have excelled within the industry around the nation. The newly introduced Best Digital Platform Award recognises a company that demonstrates excellence in the operation and management of any form of digital platform in the Australian market.

About National Narrowband Network Communications (NNNCo):

NNNCo is a leading Australian IoT Enterprise provider and LoRaWAN® network operator. The company provides the network layer and technology-agnostic data platform that makes IoT accessible across any industry to enable enterprise-grade solutions for business and government. NNNCo’s Enterprise IoT service is deployed using LoRaWAN technology, the globally-adopted open standard for secure, carrier-grade IoT connectivity.
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