NNNCo unveils Enterprise IoT Data Platform at Mobile World Congress

Published: February 27th, 2019

Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, Spain, February 25th

The National Narrowband Network Co (NNNCo), an Australian carrier providing an Enterprise IoT network service and platform, has publicly released its N2N-DL Data Platform at the world’s largest telecommunications conference, after being selected to showcase its solutions on the global LoRa Alliance stand.

The N2N-DL Data Platform, in development since 2017, is super fast, highly scalable and lightweight middleware that aggregates data and users from multiple network technologies into a single platform, enabling ease and protection of data and removing key barriers of IoT adoption.

NNNCo Founder & CEO Rob Zagarella said, “N2N-DL is pioneering because it takes a feed from any data or transmission source, removes the complexity of protocol ingestion and translation, and applies a common language by converting it into a simple restful API.“

“Essentially it removes the complexity of building and deploying Enterprise IoT applications at scale which is necessary to accelerate market adoption in Australia and globally,” Mr Zagarella added.

“With N2N-DL, customers can focus on leveraging their data instead of having to manage their data. It’s not designed to be a competitor to any analytics or visualisation platform, device manufacturer or transmission technology, it is an enabler the entire IoT ecosystem.“

In the lead-up to its public release, N2N-DL has achieved considerable market traction. A number of NNNCo customers have standardised on the platform including some of the largest local government councils in Australia.

Mr Zagarella said, “What we’ve seen over the past 24 months is that enterprises often have a device, the means for transmission and an application platform but the protocols and their platform won’t talk to each other natively.”

“Connecting one or two devices and decoding and decrypting the data from them is relatively simple, but when this becomes hundreds, thousands, or indeed millions of devices a new solution is required. That’s what led to the development of N2N-DL.”

The platform has also been selected by major Australian IT distributor, Dicker Data, to be part of its core IoT product for the company’s 5,000-strong reseller network.

Jason Hall, Dicker Data General Manager of Services and IoT, said “NNNCo’s data platform connects the dots between all the ecosystem parts from network providers, solution providers, platform providers, systems integrators and resellers right through to end users.”

“That’s important to Dicker Data because it enables us to provide a packaged, ready-to-deploy IoT solution to our partner network that will help them to deliver tangible insights and business results to a wide variety of their end users across multiple market segments,” Mr Hall added.

NNNCo will be showcasing the N2N-DL platform alongside Smart Agriculture solutions on the global LoRa Alliance stand at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona from 25-28 February. Only eight members globally were selected by the LoRa Alliance to be featured at MWC.

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