NNNCo teams with Murata to deploy production-ready IoT devices

Published: February 22nd, 2017

Low power wide area network operator National Narrowband Network Co has announced the deployment of Internet of Things devices for commercial production, with NNNCo’s software stack integrated into low-cost compact modules from electronic component manufacturer Murata.

Headquartered in Kyoto, Murata launched its LPWAN wireless module last September; NNNCo said it had actually been working closely with the Japanese firm since that time to integrate the module design with its own Smart Device Software stack. The combination was first deployed as part of a trial program with Ergon Energy in Queensland, but NNNCo and Murata kept their collaboration relatively quiet at the time; now, they’re going into full production mode.

The SDS stack includes NNNCo’s own granular multicast technology – which allows for the sending of packets to groups of sensors at a time without compromising security, key for scaling up large networks – combined with what the firm describes as an efficient but powerful protocol. It has been designed to be applicable to a range of vertical markets and countries via the use of published application programming interfaces.

The LPWAN operator has developed three separate devices incorporating the stack and module combo: the demand response enabling deice used in the Ergon Energy trial, a smart streetlight controller, and a multi-purpose device which accepts multiple types of sensor inputs and sends data using LoRaWAN technology.

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