NNNCo ready to expand IoT business model with new carrier license

Published: January 20th, 2017

NNNCo, the Australian firm developing a shared long range wide area network for the Internet of Things, has been granted a carrier license by the Australian Communications and Media Authority. It’s a vital step for the firm in moving beyond its early, client- and function-specific proof of concept deployments towards its ultimate vision of open, shared IoT networks.

“Without a carrier license, we [could] only really provide data from devices to a network for a specific purpose for a particular customer,” CEO Rob Zagarella told CommsDay. “Whereas having a carrier license means that we can adopt the business model that we [are aiming for] which is all about open, shared networks. We can build out our networks as a carrier and have that data flow not just to that customer, such as a utility, but to other users on that network.”

“For example, we’d talked about the networks we’d built with utilities such as Ergon Energy. Up until this stage they’d been using that network for a specific purpose – hot water demand response load control – but always with the view that network would [ultimately] be a shared network that they could use for multiple applications and mul- tiple users outside of the utility framework. So as a carrier, now, we’re able to commercially roll that out.”

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