NNNCo ready for scale rollout with new Actility partnership

Published: March 1st, 2017

Australian operator National Narrowband Network Co has just signed a contract with low power wide area networking specialist Actility that will see the two firms deploy “a national LoRaWAN network to catalyse the growth of the industrial Internet of Things across Australia.” According to NNNCo CEO Rob Zagarella, in Barcelona to seal the deal with Actility CEO Mike Mulica, it’s the last piece in the puzzle for NNNCo to start building out at scale.

The Long Range Wide Area Network protocol is a key architecture for LPWAN and, as a founding member of the LoRa Alliance, Actility supplies large-scale LPWA infrastructure – including its own ThingPark platform, which includes everything from centralised management to data analytics. More importantly for NNNCo, Actility provides core network server functionality which, according to NNNCo Rob Zagarella, “is really the brains behind the LoRaWan system.”

“It handles all of the connectivity provisioning, uplink, downlink, optimisation for the LoRaWan devices that are deployed for the field… a very important part of the puzzle from an operator’s perspective,” Zagarella told CommsDay on the sidelines of Mobile World Congress, where the deal was signed following a testing and proof of concept phase between the two firms.

As previously reported in CommsDay, NNNCo has gone public on a host of other key partnerships in recent months, from Cisco to electronic component manufacturer Murata. Now, with Actility’s core server and the choice of either its own proprietary multicast software stack or compatible third-party products, NNNCo is ready for scale.

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