NNNCo has won the 2021 Communications Alliance Award – Innovation (SME)

Published: November 22nd, 2021

Sydney, 22nd November 2021

NNNCo has won the 2021 Communications Alliance Award – Innovation (SME). The Award was announced in Sydney on 18th November at the annual ACOMM Awards for excellence in telecommunications, in the presence of the Hon Paul Fletcher, Federal Minister for Communications, Urban Infrastructure, Cities and the Arts.

The Innovation (SME) Award was given to the ‘Nimble’, NNNCo’s new plug-and-play, portable NNN Now LoRaWAN® gateway. The ‘Nimble’ is an indoor and outdoor gateway that can easily and quickly be deployed by customers around the world to connect their devices or sensors to the Internet of Things and start unlocking new business cases by receiving insightful data within minutes.

Rob Zagarella, CEO and Co-Founder of NNNCo, the National Narrowband Network said: “It is fantastic to receive this award for the Nimble. This Australian innovation makes it easier and faster for customers and partners to take up their unique IoT solutions around the world, reducing complexity and costs. NNNCo has productised the ‘Nimble’ and the NNN Now gateway range, as a ‘Network-In-A-Box’ carrier-grade offering, so that any customer in the world can now deploy an IoT LoRaWAN® network easily and seamlessly, in a truly scalable way, with a faster path to market.” The ‘Nimble’ meets the needs for rapid IoT deployments in challenging indoor or outdoor environments. So far, it has enabled customers to solve real-world challenges like monitoring and controlling the temperature of fresh food produce along the supply chain,  knowing when layers of concrete are set to lay a floor or the status of underground water assets”.

He added: “We identified a gap in the market where customers were facing different certification, safety requirements, backhaul, antennas and power requirements in each country. Our solution is truly global. It combines the network equipment and the managed network service, making it easy for the Nimble to meet local LoRaWAN, electrical and safety regulations and reducing local certification costs around the world.

Using NNNCo’s N2N-DL IoT platform API structure, we are opening up opportunities for IoT Solution Providers to leverage the NNNCo LoRaWAN network globally and easily deliver their vertical-specific applications around the world.

I thank the Communications Alliance, the other winners and finalists and the NNNCo team for celebrating innovation within the telecommunications industry”.

See the ACOMMS 2021 Winners Press Release here: LINK

About the ACOMMS awards:

The annual Australian Communications Industry Awards – the ACOMMS – recognise excellence in the wider communications industry, rewarding and profiling companies that have excelled within the industry around the nation. The Innovation (SME) Award is for companies offering an innovative communications service or product to customers to drive industry growth.

About NNNCo:

NNNCo is a leading Australian IoT Enterprise provider and LoRaWAN® network operator. The company provides the network layer and technology-agnostic data platform that makes IoT accessible across any industry to enable enterprise-grade solutions for business and government. NNNCo’s Enterprise IoT service is deployed using LoRaWAN technology, the globally-adopted open standard for secure, carrier-grade IoT connectivity. For more information, visit www.nnnco.com.au