NNNCo founder: comprehensive coverage won’t be enough for IoT supremacy

Published: November 7th, 2016

Securing a first mover advantage in the emerging Internet of Things field will take more than just pushing out network coverage; it will take full end-to-end solutions driving clear efficiency gains for customers in key verticals.

That’s according to Rob Zagarella, co-founder of dedicated open IoT network platform NNNCo – though he also welcomed the emergence of multiple budding IoT players and network standards in the field, believing the market is big enough to support and benefit from a range of players and technologies.

As first revealed by CommsDay last year, National Narrowband Network Communications was co-founded by Zagarella and telco veteran David Spence as an open platform that would help support and enable a broader IoT ecosystem.

Now, with an increasing number of players eyeing the burgeoning IoT market – both dedicated companies and telcos – Zagarella acknowledges there could be something of a ‘land grab’ for IoT players looking to cement a reputation in specific verticals, potentially by capturing key customers. But that could be a little more complicated than simple network expansion.

“It’s about being, not necessarily first to market in terms of having a network [but] first to market in terms of actually being able to capture a customer and provide them with a value-added, complete end-to-end solution that’s driving efficiencies within their business,” Zagarella told CommsDay. “Once that’s done, and once that’s proven, I think it will cause a bit of a domino effect. But I don’t think that because someone has coverage in area XYZ, it means they’ve grabbed the market.”

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