NNNCo awarded tender to digitise DPIRD research facilities for AgTech

Published: December 12th, 2019

The National Narrowband Network Co (NNNCo) has been awarded a tender to install and maintain a LoRaWAN network and IoT sensors at two Western Australian Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development research facilities.

The installations at the department’s Katanning and Merredin sites in the grainbelt, are a part of a DPIRD project to evaluate, develop and advance ag-tech opportunities in WA.

IoT solutions to be deployed include sheep tracking, grain level sensing, grain silo temperature and humidity, fuel and water tank levels, gate opening and closing, soil moisture, worker safety trackers, weather stations, water flow, and irrigation control.

 Department research officer John Paul Collins said the research facilities would effectively become digital demonstration sites to explore and develop ag-tech opportunities and advances.

“The upgrade will enable the department to ‘ground truth’ the use of IoT applications, including a range of sensors for water and fuel tanks, grain silos, gates and irrigation control, as well as sheep and personal GPS trackers and automated weather stations,” he said. 

“This will allow Western Australian agribusinesses to ‘try before they buy’ and to evaluate which technologies are best suited to their operation.” 

NNNCo Founder & CEO, Rob Zagarella, said “Our company is proud to support the department’s project and its efforts in building deep capability on-farm and showcasing the possibilities of IoT in agriculture to farmers.”

“NNNCo has the experience and expertise to deliver to the requirements of the project, which is designed to remove cost and risk, enable WA farmers to more easily access the latest technology for their operations and improve efficiency and productivity on their farms.”

NNNCo has built extensive LoRaWAN networks across the cotton belt of Australia with Agtech partner Goanna Ag.

“Providing connectivity through our open carrier-grade LoRaWAN network and N2N-DL data platform gives DPIRD, and in turn farmers, access to a global ecosystem of IoT devices and solutions,” Mr Zagarella added. “Through our data platform, we are able to integrate best-of-breed solutions and bring them into an interoperable system that anyone can access. Unlike proprietary networks, this open system has the potential to accelerate adoption of IoT in Australian agriculture for the benefit of the whole industry.”

NNNCo is a leading Australian IoT network provider with experience deploying and managing networks to support industries such as cities, utilities, logistics, and agriculture.

Picture: DPIRD research officer John Paul Collins examines a new automated weather station at the Katanning Research Facility, installed as part of the department’s ag-tech upgrade.