Published: December 28th, 2015

The Internet of Things is not about one technology, so if you are looking for a comparison, you should stop reading.

Internet of Things will take advantage of several type of technologies depending on different data requirements such as speed, latency, utilization as well as factors such as human reaction time and ease of use. In society there are many pre-exciting requirements and expectations. We have been turning “on” and “Off” lights for several decades and we do have an expectation that a light should be turned “ON” within human reaction time. Not wait a second or two like you have to do with LPWAN. These types of expectations are critical if you should choose a technology wherever is it is wireless or wired.

Why did iPod become such a huge success? Not because Apple had the best technology, but because they created a product that was so easy to use that average Joe didn’t need a user manual. He simply enjoyed listening to music and didn’t have a passion for ripping and compression formats. For me Internet of Things is about the marriage between society and technology where humans, animals and things are all connected in one open network driving new opportunities, efficiencies and  business models. For that to happen, my mother will need to use it and see the benefit of it without reading a user manual in 100 languages.

LPWAN is not a technology that answer all needs in the vision of Internet of Things and neither does one type of technology. LPWAN in combination with wired broad band technologies, wireless technologies such as BTLE, WiFi, Thread or cellular technologies is needed in an overall IoT Strategy….I think you know where I’m going so out of respect i’m not going to lecture you..

So Why should you consider LoRaWAN and What is the hype all about?

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