LoRa IoT utilities network stretches distances of 30km: NNNCo

Published: November 30th, 2016

The National Narrowband Network Company (NNNCo) has provided an update on its utilities-based Internet of Things (IoT) LoRa network rollout across Australia, saying it can transmit signals to devices up to 30 kilometres away.

Speaking at Utility Week in Sydney on Wednesday, NNNCo CTO Eric Hamilton provided an update on the company’s narrowband IoT technology trial with Ergon Energy, saying it provided coverage to Townsville, Queensland, with just three sites.

“In the case of Townsville, we built three base stations just as a proof of concept at this point in time, and provided coverage over a significant part of town with just those three base stations,” Hamilton said.

“So this technology works, and it works over long distances; in fact, we’ve actually tested LoRa technology out to distances beyond 30 kilometres. Under normal circumstances, we’d build a base station every two to three kilometres, and within a CBD environment, like for example we’ve done within Melbourne CBD, we would be maybe down to about 300-metres radius.”

Hamilton said that NNNCo also has the capabilities to control devices individually, narrowing them down by location, pole, or even what particular transformer they’re connected to.

Also speaking at Utility Week, former CEO of Ergon Energy Ian McLeod said that the utility had decided to go with NNNCo’s IoT solution after a competitive tender process.

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