Enzen Australia and NNNCo shape the smart electricity networks of the future with Horizon Power

Published: July 4th, 2022

Enzen Australia and NNNCo shape the smart electricity networks of the future with Horizon Power’s innovative IoT Living Lab. Their new partnership will accelerate the digital transformation of Western Australia’s power grids.


Enzen, the global knowledge enterprise specialising in energy and water, has secured its first engagement in an ambitious strategy to digitalise the energy infrastructure of Australia through smart IoT solutions.

In collaboration with its investee company NNNCo, Enzen has entered into a three-year partnership with electricity utility Horizon Power to deploy an Internet of Things (IoT) Living Lab in East Kimberley, Western Australia. The agreement will see Enzen and NNNCo roll out the solution across Lake Argyle, Kununurra and Wyndham to enhance the operation, maintenance and performance of grid assets in these remote areas.

Through a network of sensors, Horizon Power’s IoT Living Lab delivers real-time situational awareness of electricity assets. Combining Enzen’s deep domain utilities knowledge with NNNCo’s expertise as a leading IoT carrier-grade network provider, the solution comprises a rich ecosystem of LoRaWAN® IoT devices and operational technology.

It will all be managed via NNNCo’s N2N-DL platform – a leading-edge data aggregation and device management platform for IoT applications that can aggregate data from any network, device or application and simultaneously manage millions of devices.

The Horizon Power IoT Living Lab is flexible, cost-effective and can be scaled at speed, complementing and extending control systems such as SCADA. Such versatility is essential for Horizon Power, which has customers dispersed over a huge geographic area and needs to develop safe, sustainable and efficient new methods for ensuring resilient and reliable power supply to consumers. LoRaWAN® is a highly secure open standard technology, which enables IoT solutions across business, agriculture, smart city and community applications.

Dileep Viswanath, CEO of Enzen Australia, said: “Our vision is to create the smart, sustainable networks of the future in Australia through digitalisation, innovation and collaboration. The technologies and architecture used in the IoT Living Lab will enable utilities to understand the condition and performance of their assets and surrounding environments more accurately and in real time. We are delighted to secure our first engagement with this very exciting innovation and look forward to replicating it in new territories across Australia, accelerating the digital transformation of the country’s power grids.”

NNNCo CEO Rob Zagarella said: “This is an exciting step for Horizon Power and the communities they serve. NNNCo is thrilled to add value to this partnership and help monitor the health of high voltage power lines in near real time, in remote areas that have some of the harshest climates in Australia, in addition to providing an infrastructure that can be utilised by other sectors in the region. The choice of NNNCo as a carrier and LoRaWAN as the shared, yet secure, IoT network consolidates that growing trend among utilities to focus on service assurance.”

Ray Achemedei, Horizon Power’s General Manager for Technology and Digital Transformation, said: “We’ll combine real-time performance insights with historical trends while predictive algorithms will monitor asset health to identify anomalies, optimise maintenance schedules and create digital twins. Our crews will be able to receive alerts for early fault detection, and we will be able to dispatch them directly to the location. That means they won’t be patrolling lines for up to six hours at a time.”

Horizon Power, Enzen Australia and NNNCo will start rolling out the infrastructure across the East Kimberley region in July, with the IoT Living Lab expected to be transmitting data by September 2022.



For more information about the partnership, contact: Ian McLeod, Director of Smart Energy, Enzen Australia
E: ian.mcleod@enzen.com T: + 61 407 034 216

About NNNCo’s IoT scope, contact: Rob Zagarella at rob.zagarella@nnnco.com.au, T: + 61 418 409 944


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