Dingtek DO200 Parking Sensor


The Dingtek DO200 parking occupation sensor provides real-time parking space information to enable cities and commercial operators  to monitor occupancy and utilisation of car parking spaces and plan for and create new parking services and areas.

POA - Price on Application

Key Features

  • Embedded Installation 
  • Ultrasonic amd Magnetic parking sensor
  • IP68 – durable and waterproof 
  • Non-rechargeable 5 year battery life at 4 times status updates per day 
  • 99% accuracy
  • N-tick certified device – ready for easy and secure deployment
Street Parking

Real-time detection of available on-street parking spaces to improve mobility and traffic congestion

Outdoor Carparks

Vehicle detection and location of available parking spaces in off-street council and private carparks

Indoor carparks

Monitor indoor parking bay occupancy to manage availability and parking efficiency