Abeeway Tracking Solution


The Abeeway IoT multi-technology geolocation solution optimised for LoRaWAN comes with advanced location-solving algorithms, the Abeeway platform and trackers providing geolocation intelligence fit for many existing and new use cases. The tracker’s firmware selects the best location technology and automatically adjusts to its surroundings, prolonging device battery life.

POA - Price on Application

Key Features

  • High performance Abeeway trackers combining location technologies, robust hardware, selection of highest performing low-power chipsets and the optimised software
  • Optimised multiple geolocation technology system enabling high energy efficiency and precise positioning in indoor and outdoor settings. The tracker’s firmware selects the best location technology and automatically adjusts itself to its surroundings, prolonging device battery life
  • Low power connectivity with LoRaWAN, a global standard that offers long-range bi-directional communications featuring very low power consumption extending device battery life up to 10 years
  • Modular Location Engine processes, analyses, and manages geolocation data and stores these in a highly secure server. It computes and provides the best possible location information through multiple geolocation technologies
  • Easy-to-integrate APIs allow easy export and data visualisation using third-party business applications and software
  • Application bundled with Location Engine to help assess and configure Abeeway technology and tracking devices
  • Mobile application framework that can be white-labelled and customised in order to easily deploy B2C geolocation use cases leveraging Abeeway tracker capabilities
  • Proof-of-Concept package available to quickly test with technical support the smart tracking capabilities of the Abeeway devices
Transport / Logistics

Track vehicles, containers, bins, crates etc through the supply chain between suppliers, customers and manufacturers

Construction / Mines

Locate equipment and monitor engine hours, set alarms and geofence boundary exits to monitor asset movement off site

Airports / Ports

Enable localisation of ground support equipment (GSE) and motorised and non-motorised assets in airports, ports and harbours


Improve asset management and increase inventory turnover by accurately tracking assets, equipment and machine parts


Keep track of livestock location, monitor and protect farm assets and act fast in the event of an abnormality

Worker Safety

Lone worker monitoring, tracking, zone alerts and SOS panic button alerts on work sites and other indoor and outdoor facilities

industrial Assets

Tracking and monitoring of heavy and light assets, vehicles, machines and equipment


Anti-theft applications, notification and location trigger when device is moving, at fixed frequency updates or on demand

Health and Safety

Personal tracking with help button with alerts when leaving/entering specific areas for safety of workers, elderly, children

Personal Assets

Personal asset tracking and protection: animals, pets, cars, motorbikes, bikes, keychains, luggage etc