Abeeway Compact Tracker


Ensuring your people can work safely while preserving a safe distance from other workers or restricted areas. As the Covid-19 crisis has proven, your most vulnerable assets are also your most important assets.

While threats such as Covid-19 exist, it’s important that workforces are reminded of the distance they should keep, ensuring a healthy environment and supporting business continuity.

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Key Features

  • LoRaWAN trackers and emerging wearables can be worn around the neck or in the pocket. They can be combined with a wristband for vibration alerts and other functions such as heart rate, skin temperature and ‘man down’ capability
  • Flexible network solution models enable connectivity to Australia’s National Narrowband Network (NNN) when and where you need to
  • N2N-DL data platform to enable ease of data use across multiple platforms.
  • N2N-Vis management software with analytics, alerts, notifications, and anything else you might need has been purpose-built for this application
Worker Health

Monitor social distancing and send alerts to keep workers at safe distances from one another


Test Alignment

Worker Safety

Alert individuals and site managers when a worker gets too close to an out-of-bounds area

Health & Aged Care

Monitor social distancing of workers and vulnerable people in healthcare or aged facilities