Our Model

NNNCo operates a collaborative model working with partners who have an interest in providing a LoRa network to an area. We take an end-to-end approach including the design, build, deployment and management of the infrastructure and solutions from the end node right through to the applications.

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What our partners say

“We needed a scalable solution with the capability to go beyond the trial. We chose NNNCo as our partner because they’re able to provide a nationwide carrier service based on LoRaWAN as their core technology and deliver an end-to-end solution.”

Sanjeewa Athuraliya, Telecommunications Architect, Ergon Energy

“Cisco is working closely with NNNCo to design a robust and feature-rich network capable of delivering IOT needs of today and into the future for applications such as smart lighting, parking and waste management. The economic benefits to cities are significant.”

Bud Kapoor, Smart+Connected Communities, Cisco

“We’re proud to be working with NNNCo and Ergon Energy to deliver a world-leading trial which tests the use of the IoT to improve energy efficiency. NNNCo’s implementation of end-to-end multi-cast technology will enable many new uses cases for LPWA networks, and demonstrates the power of open standards and a large ecosystem to drive innovation.”

Olivier Hersent, CTO and Founder, Actility

“The combined effort by NNNCo, Ergon Energy and Murata is an exciting use case for LoRa Technology that should give Ergon Energy and its customers access to more effective, accurate and efficient energy monitoring for conservation purposes.”

Jaap Groot, Vice President, System Business Development, Semtech