Goanna Ag

Smart Agriculture Solutions


Goanna Ag is an Australian AgTech company delivering the next generation of smart farming practices. Through low cost, low power, long range sensors and networks, Goanna works with growers to provide data-driven solutions that simplify farm resource management and improve water-use efficiency.

With a team of experienced agronomists, electrical engineers and computer programmers, Goanna Ag is breaking down the complex barrier between growers and informative data to enable a more efficient resource management system.

Solving the challenges of cost & connectivity for Australian Agriculture

Connectivity is one of the largest obstacles for regional and rural areas. Goanna Ag is building a nationwide Rural loT Network in partnership with Australian carrier NNNCo, to bring smarter and more accurate agriculture solutions to farmers. Based on the global standard Long Range Wide Area Network technology (known as LoRaWAN), the network brings low-cost connectivity to areas that other technologies cannot easily reach. LoRaWAN networks are extremely well suited to agricultural requirements and are already used in farms across Europe and the USA. Affordable LoRaWAN-enabled sensors are widely available and a LoRaWAN on-farm gateway can cost-effectively cover large areas and connect to thousands of sensors. Overall, sensors, devices and connectivity are now half the cost they used to be.