N-Tick Device Approval

Gain seamless access to the Australian IoT Market

The N-tick Device Approval Program provides access to the growing IoT market in Australia for device manufacturers worldwide. Devices that receive N-tick approval are able to be enrolled onto NNNCo’s Enterprise LoRaWAN network and platform and can be sold to any customer in Australia.

How to get approved



Answer a few essential questions about your device. Get Started



We contact you for further details and required approve



We test the performance of your device on our network



After successful testing, you receive N-tick Approval

How N-tick works

The N-tick program is designed to confirm device behaviour to fit with NNNCo’s network parameters in Australia, as well as LoRaWAN parameters defined in LoRaWAN version 1.0.2. Upon receiving your device information, NNNCo will assess its compliance with the LoRaWAN standard, ensuring that it is compatible with NNNCo’s Network Server and that it meets the appropriate regional standards, such as AS923 in Australia.

Operation manuals, electrical safety approvals, radio regulatory approval stamps, payload descriptions and LoRaWAN approvals are all valuable to the N-tick process and allow a more streamlined transition through the approval program.

As part of the N-tick process, we may ingest the payload data from devices into our N2N Data Layer platform. We request access to your payload structure so that we can natively ingest or alternatively use an API if you have one. N2N-DL decodes, decrypts and delivers data from any device or network and applies a common language to seamlessly integrate into any customer system or analytics & visualisation platform.

N Tick Stamp

An N-ticked device has earned a status of approval to run over the NNNCo network. This approval will be associated with the device throughout all documentation and sales collateral and customers will be encouraged to use approved devices over the NNNCo network for their use cases.

Benefits of N-tick Approval

To Manufacturers

  • Access to the NNNCo IoT network
  • Seamless market access in Australia
  • Increased exposure to customers via NNNCo sales and marketing channels

To Customers

  • Access to a wider range of devices
  • Fast and easy IoT deployments
  • Increased structure, robustness and security in the IoT market

Two levels of approval available


This is a starter level intended to check the wireless parameters and local RCM compliance of a device. NNNCo does not warrant the functionality of the device but simply identifies if it is suitable to connect to the NNNCo network.


This is a complete approval process in which NNNCo fully warrants the functionality and operation of a device both in terms of connectivity and likely performance in its intended operation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I approve my device?

N-tick approval ensures interoperability and compliance on the NNNCo network in Australia. The scope of the N-tick program confirms that the end device meets the functional requirements of NNNCo network parameters, LoRaWAN parameters and local RCM compliance. It also entitles your product to use the N-tick approved logo, you will receive a product listing on the NNNCo website, and product representation through NNNCo sales and marketing channels.

What kind of devices can be approved?

Currently the N-tick approval program is for all devices intended for connection to the NNNCo Network.

How long does the approval process take?

The process can take up to 8 weeks to fully guarantee N-tick status and assurance. Communication between NNNCo and the device manufacturer may involve questions relating to top-level device configuration (eg: reporting times, sensor configuration, device behaviour) and NNNCo encourages any questions or queries from the device manufacturer throughout this process. Upon request, NNNCo will provide feedback on network performance to device manufacturers.

Does N-tick Approval cost anything?

N-tick Approval is free for device manufacturers, customers or consumers submitting devices on behalf of device manufacturers.

What if my device doesn’t pass the requirements?

If for any reason devices aren’t able to meet requirements for N-tick approval, NNNCo encourages device manufacturers to resubmit with changes and/or additional documentation. The N-tick Approval process can be postponed during this time to ensure that the device receives fair treatment.

What do I need to provide?

For N-tick Approval, we only require that you complete the Get Started form.

To find out more, contact us at ntick@nnnco.com.au

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