The Lowdown on LoRaWAN: Highlights from the 2018 Actility Operator Forum

Last week I attended the global Actility Operator Forum in Paris with NNNCo’s COO/CTO Tony Tilbrook and 50 other LoRaWAN network operators from around the world.

The forum is about sharing knowledge, growth, success stories, and best practice throughout the LoRaWAN ecosystem. We were fortunate to present on three important topics: how to engage with cities, how to address precision agriculture use cases and how to address enterprise and private network needs.

The feedback we received is that NNNCo is recognised as a global thought leader in relation to our business model, IoT platform and solution approach, and ability to engage the channel to the enterprise market.

Tony and I were extremely pleased to see how many of our breakthroughs and learnings here in Australia are just as applicable in Asia, the US, Europe and beyond. It confirmed for us that so much of what we do in Australia has global implications and that we need to view our market beyond our own borders. Access to this global market provides a significant opportunity for our local infrastructure partners, solution providers, device manufacturers and systems integrators.

Certainly, with the growth figures we saw at the Operator Forum, the LoRaWAN and IoT market is rapidly expanding and on the verge of massive adoption.

Here are some of the highlights from Paris:

  • LoRaWAN device connectivity has grown 700% year on year to 80 million devices – more than any other LPWAN technology
  • Global gateway growth is growing 250% year on year with 5,000+ public network gateways added per quarter
  • This is rapidly driving capacity to support 1 billion devices by the end of 2018 – up from capacity of 350 million devices in 2017
  • There are now 200,000 gateways deployed all over the world. Every continent has a LoRaWAN public network
  • IoT LPWAN device growth for LoRaWAN looks like it will exceed the global analyst top-down market expectations for device growth
  • Focus is on supporting the large global device manufacturers in industries such as metering industrial controls to leverage global gateway growth as one global roaming network
  • Roaming is real and happening now. The key LoRaWAN feature supporting this growth is the global LoRaWAN Operator Roaming Hub which Actility has now made available to Operator Partners such as NNNCo to enable international use cases.

NNNCo is currently establishing its roaming partners around the world. Watch this space.